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1,639 Views, 3 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Tue, 25th Apr 17, CTaylor wrote
A touch that's soft and light As a feather fallen upon Skin deep into the night A smell so sweet and unknown As a flower blooms within Mind deep into...

A lovers lost poem
1,106 Views, 1 Nod, 0 Comments.
On Thu, 09th Mar 17, CTaylor wrote
The agony she could no longer bare Her heart would beat her eyes would stare Looking out onto the horizon she stood Overwhelmed by the terms should...

1,154 Views, 2 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Thu, 09th Feb 17, CTaylor wrote
When she kissed me, I knew, It's as though something inside grew. She kissed like it was the first, And last kiss, some curse. A curse because it has...

Letting go
1,220 Views, 4 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Mon, 10th Oct 16, CTaylor wrote
Holding onto a cry, as if to not have to let go, to not accept it's over. The avoidance of what was, causes the pain and anger to build. Aching...

You do not know who I am
1,709 Views, 3 Nods, 0 Comments.
On Wed, 09th Mar 16, CTaylor wrote
(This is a re-upload of one I posted previously, it some how got deleted some time back) Do you tell people about me, do you say how I am everything...


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