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Bit of a rant re recent events but he's good!
1,431 Views, 3 Comments.
On Fri, 19th Aug 11, Fluffy wrote
You may well have seen this already but it was forwarded to me and it struck a chord so who am I not to share? http://www.patcond

Crime Maps
1,489 Views, 1 Nod, 3 Comments.
On Tue, 01st Feb 11, Fluffy wrote
Is it just me, or did we really need these maps to tell us what we already know - that this country has lost the plot when it comes to maintaining a...

Help Our Heroes - Give Them An Hour
1,350 Views, 1 Nod, 8 Comments.
On Wed, 08th Dec 10, Fluffy wrote
As someone who has a loved one serving in the armed forces at the moment, I make no apology for appealing to you all to help me try and raise a bit...

Hitler Rants At Ryanair ..
2,377 Views, 2 Comments.
On Mon, 06th Dec 10, Fluffy wrote
A variation on an old favourite, but highly entertaining nonetheless. Please be advised that the link contains one instance of VERY strong language...

Spending Review
1,283 Views, 2 Comments.
On Wed, 20th Oct 10, Fluffy wrote
Ok, I work in the public sector, am almost within touching distance of my pension (to which I have contributed 11% each month) but now find...


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