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On Wed, 06th Jul 11, jemmapicken wrote
I am wondering if there is anyone who can enlighten me on where is a good place to get a pilates teaching qualification and what company is the most...

Back to work!
1,943 Views, 1 Nod, 11 Comments.
On Tue, 15th Jun 10, jemmapicken wrote
Hi all, After 2 and a half years of being injured, 2 operations and being told I wouldn't dance I am back on track and am going back to work on a...

Bargain Hunt
1,923 Views, 7 Comments.
On Fri, 04th Jun 10, jemmapicken wrote
Are you a bargain hunter... Are you the type of person that will shop around to find the cheapest offer on something you want? Will you buy something...

Hair of the dog.
1,690 Views, 7 Comments, 19 Votes.
On Wed, 10th Mar 10, jemmapicken wrote
Hair of the dog...kill or cure?

It's a fact
1,971 Views, 31 Comments.
On Thu, 07th Jan 10, jemmapicken wrote
Some of us have lots of bizarre facts or useless bits of information tucked away somewhere. What is the most random fact you know?


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