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Anna Keleher is a contemporary artist based in English Riviera Geopark, Torbay. She collaborates with Global Geoparks and National parks. A lively podcaster, storyblogger, sound journey maker, who also enjoys drawing and making, she actively invites others to share in her adventures..

DREAMING PLACE explores dreams of place and how landscapes speak through dreamers.An Arts Council/National Lottery funded 40 days and 40 nights overground underground exploration of the ecosystems of Marble Arch Caves Geopark, Eire and Northern Ireland. Visit Anna and Claire's lively blog for collaborative drawings, audio inspiration and stories from the people, places creatures and things of Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark,

Radio Dreaming is a 5-part radio adventure that whisks you off to limestone hills, fragile boglands and honeycombe caves, where you'll encounter an inspirational mythology of voices, sounds, dreams and traditional Irish music. Episodes exploring edible landscapes, wild dreams and myths of the land are sure to spark fresh curiosity leaving you eager to go out and dream your own home places alive.

Radio Dreaming Pod Tour launches Radio Dreaming on community radio stations around the world. Anna and Claire travel to source at Marble Arch Caves Geopark to share sounds, stories and dreams in a bespoke Place Dreamer Pod. Visitors to their mobile installation will be invited to share a pot of tea and climb aboard to listen and dream.

"The Ballad of Berry Head" is a site specific video installation for Berry Head National Nature Reserve Visitor Centre. A Smooth Space commission funded by National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Anna exhibits widely and has worked with Wild Rivers Recreation Center in New Mexico, Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, Sierra Subbticas Geopark in Southern Spain, English Riviera Geopark in Devon and Marble Arch Caves Geopark in Eire/ N.Ireland and in Dartmoor National Park, Devon.
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Springers are so darn springy
1,650 Views, 0 Comments.
On Tue, 21st Mar 17, Geoparkartist wrote
Friday 10th March The dogs have found a ball. It is not a good ball but it can still do its job, with a little help from its friends. Only one of...

We make purple
1,139 Views, 0 Comments.
On Wed, 01st Mar 17, Geoparkartist wrote
In the morning before people come to the slipway, I am to wade into the water. The black dress will float, my hair will float, the props will float....

daredevil exploits
1,008 Views, 0 Comments.
On Mon, 05th Dec 16, Geoparkartist wrote
Testing take-off in a friend's home-built plane, John McAllen of Belfast had found himself in mortal danger. As he feels for the instrument that will...

Blessed are the dogs
995 Views, 0 Comments.
On Mon, 17th Oct 16, Geoparkartist wrote
Red lights flash. The barrier comes down. We must let the steam train to pass. Plenty here to watch from the car. Six eyes, three pairs of ears, two...

Reindeer meat
887 Views, 1 Nod, 0 Comments.
On Thu, 06th Oct 16, Geoparkartist wrote
Everything washes,'' says Yana. White brick, stainless steel, Thelma's kitchen is genuine nineteen seventies. Yana cleanses the sausages...


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