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Friends In Mind

Betty Stone had an unusual bone

Like a horn, it grew out of her head

Sadly, it disturbed the marital bliss

As, it would knock her husband out of bed

Julian Peggs had too many legs

It was a nightmare to find trousers to fit

His wife's plight was just as bad

When, she'd developed one extra tit

Emily Stott had no legs at all

Which made dancing the tango a chore

She would always wear chamois leather underwear

So, at least she could buff up the floor

Tommy Spigot had no hole in his arse

His belches smelt particularly bad

As the smell had to go down, then back up again

You know someone else anally sealed up? His dad

Vannesa Wang was the strangest of all

She had elbow skin for a face

The skin on her breasts was immaculate

But, her downstairs was a bloody disgrace

There are many people inside my head

These are but a few

It's always a party inside my mind

One day, I may invite you in too.


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Mon, 14th Apr 2014
Played cribbage with Vannesa last week, Im sure she would be flattered by this and Quite rightly so you old saucepot.
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Sat, 12th Apr 2014
This is so funny.
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Wed, 09th Apr 2014
It was nice to feel like writing for a second.
Hopefully it made you all smile.
It's good to have fun.
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Wed, 09th Apr 2014
'Made me laugh. Found this very uplifting Taliz.
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Wed, 09th Apr 2014
The mind boggles
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Wed, 09th Apr 2014
Whatever have you been drinking? I'll have some too I think!
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Wed, 09th Apr 2014
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