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lyrical eyes ]

Her lyrical eyes make my mind wise
she is the alpha to my omega
the datsik to my getter
the alphabet forget-tor
i will never forget her
ya can't get much better
than this kiss i am ya mr miss
twist ya brain we are just the same
my geogie girl you took my place.

good bye baby i love you. this girl the best poet i ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,i wish her the most best happiness ever .....i gotta go now . i been lost since i was little boy boss, of course i'm gonna go back to my play pen and see what. then say then ,ak will kill them .

its like i'm never patient to put myself in tricky situations

and im always waiting for the sun to stop fading

i aint dreaming of succeeding or searching for that loving feeling

i can see her in my mind as she sits and watch's me bleeding

they say redeeming is healing but im still dealing with her leaving

shes holding on to my soul and waits for me to retrieve it

dwelling on the past never well up only laugh her spell is her shadow that she cast in my path

so im by her side in her mind thats why she aint scared of the dark

sitting sobbing at the park we were so young and so daft

and all the trouble that i got in as you were slowly breaking my heart

alot of water under a half built bridge we'll be together again

we're like two sides of a hinge you left the door open so i could come back in

i gotta tell you so many things girl where should i start

we both know the truth is we should never be apart

don't tell me you dont wanna fall in love its better than any drugs i've done

of fucking drugs but it s opened up my mind and i been scratching round for long time

working out what i need to find on this disturbing turbulent ride of mine

she must think that i forgot her eyes and don't realize that i know sometimes she cry's inside


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