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The sad decline of a "star"

Just three weeks ago I stumbled on an article that is a reminder of how someone's fortune can go so incredibly wrong in a few years.
It's about a woman with the name of Margo Stevens.
Hers is another story of the gruesome aftermath of the adult movie industry. How girls & teens are getting trapped into a seemingly glamorous life thinking it's the gateway to real Hollywood fame.
Lee Jeffries, a freelance UK-based photographer, tracked her down in Miami, Florida where she's currently living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of that city. It's an area where you can capture the overlooked faces of homeless people trying to make a buck from prostitution and related activities.
For years now Jeffries tries to recollect as many personal tragedies that are hiding behind the faces of those having become victims to the epidemics of poverty and addiction. It is part of what has become of Margo Stevens, a former adult film star in the 90's with a pretty face, gorgeous body and all the assets required to get noticed in this business. But it went wrong after a few years. Although she states in a maybe surprising manner that she has no regret but that she was, as so many, quite nave at the time. Working for basically peanuts while others around her, mainly slimy men, got rich.
We all know too well that such a rapid decline isn't only confined to this obscure industry. In fact it's actually within the entertainment business as a whole and worldwide.
Can you remember Ola Ray? She was the cute black girl who got in the public eye of millions around the globe by appearing in the Michael Jackson video Thriller''. Although not into the porn industry she appeared first as a Playboy model and even made it as a centerfold for that magazine. With the massive publicity and success of Jackson's album and that video came also the life in the fast lane'' with the Hollywood parties, introductions to celebrities but inevitably also the less honorable consequences sooner or later; drugs, drinking and sour relationships. In no time Ola was on the verge of collapse and her looks weren't so charming anymore. Where was the girl from the video? Sure ageing plays a part into everyone's transformation through the years, however, it's clear a negative lifestyle (forced upon you or not), especially in a short period of time can have a destructive impact on one's general health and looks.
Maybe we could say that the Margo's and Ola's are fortunate to be alive; others committed suicide, overdosed, died of HIV/AIDS or got murdered by jealous or over possessive boyfriends. It's a small comfort of course. But at least they can warn others or help as Margo is doing. She lives now in an abandoned garage with a few other homeless women she looks after on a daily basis, most of whom are addicted to heroin. She has become more or less a mother figure to younger vulnerable girls.
When we look at the photo of Margo today, victim of a rough life (at present and in some type of unawareness back then) one can only wonder how many have fallen into this trap of wishful thinking and dreaming in Hollywood, New York, London or other famous metropolis. And sadly enough it will continue to happen. Thankfully there are those such as Jeffries who make us realize of the less fortunate in our society and that so little is or can be done.
Poverty has different roots of course. Many are born into it and find it almost impossible to get out of that cycle that lives within their surroundings. Others have followed just the wrong path, as the case of Margo proves so well.
We, writers and/or bloggers, can make a contribution too by pointing out awareness of the reality the poor and homeless face in today's cyber inclined world. Let's hope we can save a few by doing that.


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Thu, 01st May 2014
Well written :) if only the right people could get to read it at the right time and be wise enough and strong enough to let it make a difference
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Tue, 29th Apr 2014
This is more common than you would imagine. Lots of ladies and a few men walk into my office after falling foul of the sex trade
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Tue, 29th Apr 2014
Good article
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