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Lost soul ( unedited )

We waited for everything
then nothing came and took us
and if there is a god
i'm pretty sure he doesn't love us
hiding lies underneath the covers
killing sisters and our brothers
when we all came from mothers
this ain't no metaphor
why the fuck do fathers go to war
the point remains sore
when will love get re-explored
stone cold rose i don't wanna be adored
but i have never been ignored
data stick download all memories stored
imagine can you fathom the savant
knows the brand of scissors
that cut his own cord
and everyone else on the ward
now i'm back washed brain same thoughts
wait for a second for mundane to be restored
goodnight ok yeah whatever you say
gonna digest this divorce of course
every movement moved by the moons force
Luna scare glare ya own mind warped
pull it tight now its taught
everything you ever thought
and although you're motives are deep
they do say the tiger don't lose sleep
over the opinions of sheep
you really need to understand this hype
they all play the same pipe
flute of truth that suits your proof
cognitive dissonance do you even understand you?
yeah resonate that tune
properly and obviously
i wont take part in this monopoly
honestly your honesty i bothers me
don't forget i'm the kid that got sectioned
just to study psychology
my past a lil wobbly way past ordinary
you could never get bored of me
jilted by no strings
if the heart still beats the mind still sings
i'm insightful totally dependable
i got no phone so i'm undetectable
got no home so where my hat lays responsible
i got no plan that makes me fucking unpredictable
if i want you i'll find you
i'm coming soon so don't move

a broken man is what you see
the love was forever bursting out of me
but the darkness how it took its toll
so many crossed bridge's
and i'm still fighting trolls
as the scroll unrolls
bitter twisted and cold
scribbled brain riddled with pain
reality bites every single fucking vein
by the way insane is the conduit
to the happiest face take a mile smile shit
wait a while thirsty freak freckled demons sleep
that's blood spots upon their cheeks
overs 30's the wrinkles resembles crows feet
always simple as i cross the next street

mind always so very far away
some people waiting for next pay day
so they can relive their groundhog day
i refused to be sold
i see the crease in the fold
i think they broke the mold
a lost soul with too many stories untold


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Mon, 26th May 2014
Feel like I need to come up for air after reading that. Brilliantly written, there is always a stand out line in your work that jumps out at me, this time it's the knows the brand of scissors line. Genius mate. Keep them coming.
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Sun, 25th May 2014
The stories seem to be getting told now.
You've got a captive audience on here.
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Sun, 25th May 2014
Your work is really quite special
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Sun, 25th May 2014
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