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Death Daily, next please...

Recently in an interview Stephen Fry stated he doesn't want to recognise a god, in a world where bad things happen. Babies getting cancer, incurable diseases, unpredictable events of nature etc.

Im sure he's got a point but it made me think, well, does there have to be a god, for bad shit to happen ? Heres how I came to my conclusion :

Crap happens every day and not just to humans. Only yesterday I knocked over a glass of water and boy was that water hacked off as it seeped into the carpet. Come to think of it the carpet wasn't impressed either.

In the slightly wider world, tree's blow down, no doubt railing as they fall at what horrible cnut the tree god is. Animals, well, they are out there. In the wild. With no clothes on. Literally eating each other. Literally. Big animal eats little animal every day. Wheres the justice in that animal god ? looking the other way ? snaffling some treat youve just been handed ?.
No because you dont exist.
As a species we often confuse evolution as a pompous reassurance of our own self importance. We must have a reason to evolve. We must have a reason to be here. We must be part of a bigger picture, ordained by someone, somewhere, with a plan.

Which is of course bollocks.

Life, much like taxes, is not explainable or reasonable. It does not respect clean living any more than bad. Murderers live to 95 and innocent children get mown down on their way to school by tipper lorries. Some birds experience the majesty of flight. Others, progress from egg to earth and get eaten in an instant.

So its not really anyones fault. Nothings pre-ordained. There is no plan.
Your born, you survive the best way you can, your life may be long and uneventful or short and fantastic. To touch the lives of those around you doesn't require years or speech. It could be a tiny smile from a baby premature. A fledglings last sound as it falls from the nest.

All part of the same world.

All without a plan.


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Fri, 13th Feb 2015
You dare to deny My existence?

Hello mate. Nice to see you on again.
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Fri, 13th Feb 2015
Great post Hoodie and welcome back!
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Fri, 13th Feb 2015
Lots of food for thought and interesting Hoodie.
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