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So what about me?
apparently I'm dope with a capital D
you can show them where to look
but you can't make them see
Then the devil delegated me to decorate delicately

ya see the government are time thieves
and these fake rappers rhyme thieves

so now stand aside please
we don't need more wine or cheese weed
we need truth seed and love and peace geez
Watson it's all elementary
look i told you i could make them breathe
monkey mind, meditate and believe
beyond their confines of their own jeans
subconsciously refracting from their real dreams
black cotton frayed faded cross stitch through the seams!
empathetic crazy witch she knows what makes ya mind itch

OK can we all agree
we are here to help each other be free
and the more you feel the more you see
and the more you love the more you reap
now you woke up from the big sleep!
i dropped my can of life
caught it before it plummeted to the earth shaped floor
not ready to bounce away from the ounce
different circles makes me see another way
but i remain
me, myself contained.

Creative writing is an amazing way for people to be open and release real imagination and true creativity!


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