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The use of mobile telephones while driving is one of the many major issues today. A high percentage of people driving on roads are otherwise occupied talking on the phone. They do not realize that using a mobile phone while driving is very dangerous. Talking on the phone distracts drivers and could result in a serious accident. It endangers the driver, the passengers and other people. Imagine the number of lives put at risk each time a person talks on the phone while driving.

Young people are influenced by adults and are not aware of the negative effects of talking on a mobile phone while driving. If this continues, many people will lose family members and friends to an accident. It has unfortunately happened numerous times already.

Another concern that develops is the decisions people make while trying to concentrate on the road and on their conversation. How can people possibly make a precise and wise decision when their minds are elsewhere? The decisions made while driving and talking, whether business, family, friends, work or driving related, are completely wrong and should be punished harshly by the authorities. Governments must take strong action against this on-going practise and launch a drive to educate people not to use mobile phones while at the wheel of a car.

Let's hope it's not another issue where wishful thinking comes looking around the car once again!


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