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President Blair of the EFU (2010)

www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/oct/04/tony-blair-eu-presidency-race For those of you that missed it basically the European union was a group of created out of common policies, to institutionalise and regulate our similarities across western Europe, in a pact that would diminish inter-country war and bring Europe wide prosperity.
What was a 'European constitution' that was voted against by the Irish and Dutch, was rewritten to to take into account the fear of a federalised European Union. This was called the Lisbon treaty.
As a treaty it was therefore easier to usher in.
Most countries ratified it in parliament rather than putting it to the people.
Ireland, being Irish had to go and screw things up by requiring a public vote on the matter, the exact thing that derailed the process the last time.
The Irish voted 'yes' to it.
Critics shout "undemocratic conspiracy".
Fans of the European project are a step closer to a more european outlook in life.
Part of the treaty calls for the creation of a European President, and European Foreign minister.

Again in comes the calls of a Napoleonic/Bismarkian plot to rule Europe. Some fear Soviet Union style policing policies in an undemocratic faceless bureaucracy.
I do see a lot of Christian old Europe in the formation of policies, especially when considering Turkish entry, and yes particularly from French and German Christian Conservative ministers.

I think that as people realise they have as little power over the progress of the EU as they do over the UK joining the EU, the anti EU talk will be limited to the pubs, and we will eventually end up in a form of Federally run European union. We will think of ourselves as the alternative USA.

Who knows if its good or bad.

All I know is there are plenty of happy people living in all kinds of government styles. So it all comes down to whether your president is cool, and your flag looks great on clothes.


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