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Message for Bill (2009)

Sorry to hear that youve decided to leave this great site, although your reasons are still very unclear. You seem to have been upset by 'recent events', which i can only presume is a couple of strangers turning up on the site that didnt fit the bill of certain members expectations, that said they havent said anything offensive or been derogatory to anyone here without the presence of tounges in cheeks.
I love this site and found it a brilliant vehicle to voice my stupid humour and rantings of what i feel injust. I have recieved some shocking comments, claiming that im everything from Sick, mentally deranged and been accused of some rather shocking things that really should upset me, without a single thought, ive loved all of them too and will expect them to continue, thats whats so great about this site and any debate site worth its salt. Ive also met some likeminded (well almost) funny ,interesting and intelligent people here, YOU INCLUDED, thats why i (and without wanting to speak for other members) believe others use this site too. If youve gone Bill its a real shame, but should really reconsider as a lot of people will miss you here, me included you big Coco Shunter.


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Wed, 07th Oct 2009
Agree NG! HIS CONTENT WAS POINTED AND OFFENSIVE! This site is a true democracy where you can be yourself and find the like minded and fly past those you consider not to be! BB sorry to see you go, your enthusiasm was superb.
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Wed, 07th Oct 2009
Considering the wide age gaps, varied backgrounds and levels of education of people on this site, I think it's commendable that there has only been one real Asshole - we all know who that was, so I won't massage his ego by naming the freak. Happily, he was struck off before he could do any real damage. Let's hope he finds solace in his David Bowie memorabelia.
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