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Sarah Jory.

This is a little retro blog.It was 1984 and I had joined a country band called Whitewater.There were five of us and we gelled pretty well and we entered a competition,The best of British,for any British country music bands.It was organised by a chap who used to do a country music radio show called Neil Coppendale.He also ran a country and western club in Brighton and it was apparentley a feather in your cap to get a booking from him.We did get a booking at a later date but that's another post for me to write soon.So we did this competition which was held at Worthing Pavillion,a lovely venue,and we won it.We were a new band and not really on the circuit until that weekend,but we got lots of good press and more offers of work than we could actually do.We all had "proper" day jobs and we were playing seven nights a week for a while.One of the gigs we did on the strength of Worthing was the Wembley Silk Cut festival.It used to be held every Easter weekend and you had British bands playing in the Conference Centre and American artists in the main arena.After our spot in the Conference we had free passes to the arena and we watched the Bellamy Brothers,Rita Coolidge,Rodney Crowell and others I can't recall right now but the highlight in there was Jerry Lee Lewis.There was about a dozen bikers sitting in front of me that had sat through the whole show just to see Jerry Lee and when he stood up and kicked his stool over they went potty!So the arena show was memorable but what what was more memorable for me was back in the Conference Centre.After we played our set we stayed on stage because we were backing a 16 year old girl who was making a real name for herself playing pedal steel guitar.She'd sent us a cassette of her set so we had the benefit of working out the chords and I played rhythm.She was absolutely magnificantly brilliant.Even today I find id it difficult to fathom how a sixteen year old can be so technically good on an instrument that isn't the easiest to play.Since then she has gone on to play with lots of top musos,I believe she currently works with Van Morrison,but you know what? She is such a nice person and so grounded.My daughter LadyV did a gig with her a while back and she remembered Whitewater.I know TGV has also worked with her and maybe he can talk her into joining Noddleit.com


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Wed, 30th Mar 2011
Good idea Foxy. Will get on the case.
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