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Tony Smith Italian Job 1

Italian Job Print I by Tony Smith.

I have a fabulous original print by Tony Smith. The painter behind the Italian Job series or art.

There is an exhibition of his paintings at the studio on the Teignmouth Road in Torquay in a few weeks. I even think he is coming down.

My big question is, should I sell it now or keep it for a few more years.

The price has already tenfold in the last 15 years. I paid about £175 for it and now they fetch between £1000 - £2000.

So noddlers. Do I keep it for my daughter to inherit, or do I sell it now whilst the going is good. I know a thousand pounds is a lot of money but this is a classic piece of work and surely it will only keep increasing in value. Won't it?

Any experts please advise.


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Thu, 26th May 2011
If you can prove its genuine and in mint condition? Give me a ring and I might be able to give you an offer, but having done my research of prices at the moment-£2k it won't be!!!
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Thu, 26th May 2011
Sell it. You will never get £2000 for it in this climate.
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