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Tawdry Teets And The Magic Boob Fairy (Bedtime Stories For The Child Inside)

Tawdry Teets And The Magic Boob Fairy

Ok boys and girls, lying comfortably ? Then we'll begin.

Tawdry Teets was a timid little door mouse. She was made
to feel that way by the other animals on the farm, taunting
her with their well developed mammaries. Hers were not.

One day, while she sat weeping into her mousey little arms,
she felt a gentle breeze rustle her mousey brown fur. Looking
up, she was surprised to see the figure of a tiny fairy gliding
toward her.

She had long golden hair which seemed to sway slightly as
she softly landed beside Tawdry. She was beautiful, dressed
in the finest gown Tawdry had ever seen. But the thing (or
rather, things) that stood out the most, as far as her appearance
went, was the enormous balcony of breast that defied gravity
under the fine silk dress.

Placing a hand on her shoulder, 'Tawdry, my child, why do
you weep so?'

Tawdry looked up, drawn into the fairy's whirlpool azure
eyes. 'It's the other farmyard animals dearest fairy. They
make fun of me and call me names, because of my lack of

The fairy gazed down sympathetically, pulling the mouse
betwixt her ample bosom, a maternal urge to cradle her in
close, comforting her, 'I can grant you one wish, sweetest
mouse. So, choose what your heart desires most of all.'

Tawdry sat back, looking as though she was mulling it over
in her head. She met the fairy's eyes once more, smiling up
at her. ' I think it's obvious what I'm going to ask for.'

She stood up suddenly, pointing at her flat chest. 'Make these
buggers like zeppelins.'

With a wave of her wand, and a smile on her face, the magic
boob fairy disappeared.

Immediately, there was a transformation of such magnitude
that, Tawdry fell flat on her back. How this differed from
normal, was the suffocating feeling she had. Realising quickly,
that it was her newly acquired chest that pressed down on her,
she laughed heartily.

Finally managing to get to her feet, she stepped gingerly to
her doorway, pulling open the door and moving out into the
glorious midday sun.

Spotting Clarrissa the duck swimming on the pond, Tawdry
walked over. Clarrissa felt the air grow colder around her,
something huge blocking out the suns rays, a shadow now
covering her side of the pond.

She looked above her, astounded at the sight. 'Tawdry. Is
that really you?'

Tawdry smiled. 'It is, Clarrissa. Do you remember all the
nasty things you used to say to me?'

Clarrissa started back-paddling, seeing the wild glint in
the little mouse's eyes. 'It wasn't me, Tawdry. It was all
the others.'

Tawdry now stood at the edge of the pond. 'Don't worry
about the others. They'll get theirs. But, for now, you'll
have to do.'

With that, she lifted up a large boob, dropping it into the
water with such force, a wall of water was soon making
its way towards the poor duck, stranded in the water. In
moments, the duck was gone, sucked to the bottom of the

Tawdry tottered towards the cow shed.

Phylis the cow stood with her back to the gate in the yard.
She didn't see the newly well-stacked mouse approaching
her, with menace. The cow turned, smirking, as Tawdry
entered the yard, calling her name.

Her face dropped, as she saw the abundant figure lurching
toward her. 'Tawdry. There's something different about you.'

Tawdry laughed a hysterical laugh. 'Oh! You noticed. Funny
that. Clarrissa noticed too. Just before the accident.'

The cow sensed something was amiss. She started to pad on
her hooves nervously. 'What do you mean?'

Stepping closer. 'Do you remember the time when Clarrissa
held me down, and you smothered me with your udders,
shouting Milk me''? Well, I do. It made a lasting impression
on my mind. As well as my face. Those big fleshy things
bearing down on me. Well! The shoe's on the other foot now.
Or rather, the bra's on the other breast.'

Phylis made to make a dash for it, but, the mouse was too
quick. With one leap she pounced upon her foe, knocking
her back into the cow shed.

The screams that issued from the building that day, set a
precedence for things on the farm for the future. Tawdry
was in charge from then on.

The timid little mouse was a kind and just leader. Every
creature on the farm loved and admired her.

They all knew that the moral of Tawdry's Tale was, if
you're kind to others, others will be kind to you.

All was well down on the farm.

That was, until.

Bessie the sheep, turned up. With the largest vagina in
the whole county.


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Wed, 22nd Jun 2011
ahh, i feel Miss teets angst, i remember only to well the shame of having to play Mull of Kintyre on Gwendoline the Goats bagpipes. A heartwarming tale.
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Wed, 22nd Jun 2011
I'd love for you to live at the house MammaP. The more the merrier. Along
with our menagerie of freakishly over developed wildlife.
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Wed, 22nd Jun 2011
I wouldn't be able to sleep with laughing so much. Can I come and live at your house, you're so funny?
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Wed, 22nd Jun 2011
This is the first in a new line of story books. Look out for more soon.
Hope you enjoy.
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