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Love is....A Poem

Love is scratch marks
The trace of a feather
Love is silk sheets
Cock rings and leather

Love is Tuesday mornings
Saturday bright lights
Love is Gossamer
And ribbed for pleasure

Love is worthless
And a Pirates treasure
Love is nuclear warfare
a call to arms

Love is in danger
And safe from harm
Love is so real
So Surreal

Love is little death
Vibrant and newborn
Love is chick flicks
And German Porn

Love is Motown
Dubstep And Rap
Love is polished good fortune
Tarnished, full of mishap

Love is contradiction
Sycophantic praising
Love is Viagra
Spontaneous and self raising

Love is contagious
A shared needle in the vein
Love is asleep in the sunshine
Dancing in the rain

Love is holding hands
Clenched fists and Swollen glands
Love is feeling ugly
Confident and feeling glam

Love is some kind of wonderful
A good for nothing sham
Love is independent
happiness in slavery

Love is original
Unafraid of clich
Love is what it is
Love is you and me.


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Thu, 02nd Feb 2012
This made me smile haha
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Wed, 01st Feb 2012
Love maketh one speak with a flowery tongue.
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Wed, 01st Feb 2012
Love is: Your doctor putting down the rubber gloves and just having a chat.
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Wed, 01st Feb 2012
Wed, 01st Feb 2012
Love is a missing e of cliche
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