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See you in 12 months (the best year of my life)

DEC 31st 2012
Text from Shelias Mob.

Happy New Year! Im so excited - This is going to be the best year of my life ' see you in 12 months xxx

Postcard from The Galapagos Islands

Dearest Ginny,
Well, we have made it!
I can hardly believe we are here, after so many months of planning it all seems a bit surreal to have finally started our mammoth journey.
The Islands are stunning, we have been here for 3 weeks and haven't stopped exploring. The picture on the front shows a marine iguana, which is unique to this part of the world - they swim in the sea, its mad!
More news soon.
Love Sheila.

Postcard from Peru

Wow what can I say, last week we trekked to Machu Picchu, it was a bit of a long walk and Gary managed to sprain both his ankles on the way, but it was well worth it.
It's a really spiritual place, though I thought it could have done with a few gift shops - can't have everything I guess!
Love to Bob and the kids,
Sheila xx

Postcard from Bolivia

Dear Ginny
We are in Bolivia and have been finding out all about the Tiwanaku around Lake Titicaca - you have to be careful how you say that when pissed I can tell you, haha.
Despite all the travelling I feel amazingly relaxed, it's great! Missing home and you guys a little bit now, but there is so much to do, I can't be down for long.
Love to you all, Sheila xx

Postcard from Argentina

Hola Ginny,
We are now in Buenos Aires, it is nice to get back to civilisation after trudging round the hills and mountains for the last few weeks.
It's a really vibrant and exciting place, we have had some amazing nights out drinking and dancing.
I think Gary must be missing home a bit now too, he was talking about you a lot last night when he was tiddily ... hehe weird.
Happy Easter to you, Bob and the kids,
Sheila x

Postcard from Brazil

Dear Ginny,
The Amazon Rainforest is by far the most amazing place we have been to, I cannot describe the incredible variety of animals and plants we have seen. I will ask Gary to put some photos up on facebook for you, as he seems to spend half his time on there anyway.
He was pooped on by a Scarlet Macaw yesterday, unfortunately whilst looking up with his mouth open, but I think he saw the funny side ' eventually! Our guide told us it is considered very lucky by his people, which was nice.
Give Mum a birthday hug from me, Sheila x

Postcard from Japan

Konnichiwa Ginny,
The Land of the Rising Sun is magnificent, the food is incredible and the history astounding not to mention the technology. Tokyo was overwhelming, as you can see in the picture it makes London look like a dwarf, which is mad cos it started off as a fishing village!
The weather is great here - hope you are getting some sun in Blighty.
Love Sheila x

Postcard from Thailand

Hello Ginny,
Wow we are having the most amazing time in Phuket. It is roasting hot and there is nothing else to do but laze around on the beach and swim all day, the night life is pretty wild, I feel like we are a couple of teenagers on honeymoon!
Hope everyone is doing well at home, I just can't believe we have been away for 6 months now - half way through already, crumbs.
Love to Bob & the kids
Sheila xx

Postcard from India

Hello love,
I am so sorry to hear about Bob walking out on you, I just couldn't believe it when Gary told me your relationship status had changed on FB. Wait till I get home I will give that brother-in-law of mine a good talking to.
I think it must be playing on Garys mind too, as he was mumbling about you in his sleep last night poor love, though that could be the monkey bite making him delirious again.
Chin up Gin, love Sheila xx

Postcard from Fiji

Hi Ginny, hope you are ok?
We only have a few months left but Gary is saying he really wants to go home, I just can't understand it. It is gorgeous here and so different to anywhere else we have been, besides which we sold the house before we left.
Mind you when he said it he had just crashed the car again, I am sure he will be ok soon.
Love Sheila xx

Postcard from New Zealand

Hi Love,
We have been exploring New Zealand by bus (as we can no longer get insurance on a car) It's really beautiful.
We are off to Oz next and that will be our last stop, I hope bush tucker and kangaroos gee Gary up, he's been like a wet weekend lately and still talking about going home early, can you believe !
I will miss your Halloween party this year, I do so love to see the little monsters dressed up - take lots of pics.
Love to them and you.
Sheila xx

Postcard from Australia

Well he has gone. I am in Sydney all alone. It is fab here, I must admit I am thinking of doing a Shirley Valentine and staying put.
Gary says he is going to stay with you, sorry about that, he is a bit of a disaster area as you know. Still he gets on well with the kids, like two peas in a pod him and your little Johnny.
I am sure we will sort this all out when I get back - or should that be if?
I am looking forward to a bush tour starting tomorrow, I might be alone but at least I won't have to worry about Gary getting septicaemia from a koala bite!
See you soon, Sheila xx

DEC 31st 2013
Text from Shelias Mob.

So now I know. Bob filled me in, I bumped into him in the frozen meal isle, apparently he's known about you and Gary for a while.
Well you know what? You are welcome to him.
Next year is going to be the best year of my life - I will see you in the divorce courts.


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Thu, 29th Mar 2012
Thanks everyone.
Is it true ? Not as far as I know, though I would love to take that trip around the world, I would probably leave Gary at home.
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Wed, 28th Mar 2012
Great again.
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Wed, 28th Mar 2012
That is really good, is it true ?
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Wed, 28th Mar 2012
This is so clever Bluehound. I love it.
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Wed, 28th Mar 2012
Very clever, love it BlueHound, and an interesting format to tell the tale.
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