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Are your dreams and goals being sacrificed by the ever increasing burden of day to day living?

Is there stuff you have always wanted to do but have no way of financing it?

Do you want everybody you know to think your bloody brilliant?

Ever wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?
Sail across the Atlantic?
Bungee jump in New Zealand?
Take a parachute jump for the first time?
Trek across the Sahara Desert?
Camp in Antarctica?
Visit the Amazonian Rain Forests?

Look no further because at SelflessSafaris.com we have plenty of life affirming and thrilling experiences for you to partake in,absolutely free!

Where's the catch you ask?

None what so ever, you can do these once in a lifetime activities free of expense, permission from employers and whats more you will come back a bonafide hero!

How tell me now! I hear you cry

Terminally Ill Children,,..that's how.

We have an extensive data base of every Hospice and Organisation that devotes itself tirelessly every single day to caring for Children with life threatening illnesses.

Simply enter your details, what you want to do and we will send you a hand picked Charity Experience.
Complete with sponsorship forms and hints for email marketing.
Don't worry about the high cost involved as no one is going to say no to helping towards sending tiny cancer victims go to Disney Land.

We do charge a 5 percent set up fee, but this is a small price to pay for what you can achieve, plus you are getting a holiday out of it.

Alternatively, you could actually do something off your own fucking back and give the proceeds direct to the charities. If the worry of being labelled self involved and capitalising on others misfortune you could always just collect the money anonymously in your spare time without the cost of a flight to India.

The choice is yours.

So If your own self worth and fragile ego is heavier than the burden of the tragedy of young lives lost to disease

Visit SelflessSafaris.com now while stocks last.

Doing stuff for dying kids has never been such fun.


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Sun, 22nd Apr 2012
Oh Tara, you don't know how happy you will have made MasterSignwriter. He pretty much always speaks the truth but, more importantly, he lives to make people cringe.
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Sun, 22nd Apr 2012
Oh wow this made me cringe because it is so close to the truth . And if I'm being honest it also made me laugh a bit too
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Fri, 20th Apr 2012
Ive always thought Charities for C***s anyway
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Fri, 20th Apr 2012
I was asked to sponsor someone who works in the bank. They were going to walk the Great wall of China. This post says a lot MS. Brilliant
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Thu, 19th Apr 2012
There's something seriously disturbing in that
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Thu, 19th Apr 2012
You know me. Personally I don't see the point in doing anything unless there's a round of applause in it.......Hang on! I'm just off to my gig at the Hole In The Wall. Maybe I should reassess that statement!?!
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Thu, 19th Apr 2012
I've got three kids, and at times they make me sick. Do I qualify.

If not.
Will a bus load of terminally ill orphans, get me a trip on the next space launch?
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