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Noddlerss my latest poem You I

Noddlerss my latest poem "You & I"

The world goes round regardless of you and I,
some days knowing, other days wondering why.
Truth is there's always a lesson told,
with that it should be learnt before we get too old.
stop crying for answers and the reasons why,
we are not the only ones you and I.
But if we do end up clueless and old,
then we know the lesson we learnt, may not have been told.


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Thu, 22nd Nov 2012
I agree with both of you and MamaP thats the story that goes around so often it gets rather annoying.. Matthew more than often the answers stare us in the face we just cant see them because we are to busy!
and thank you very much!
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Wed, 21st Nov 2012
Good work again Charlotte. It can be frustrating though when at times folks don't want to listen to the lessons learned.
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Tue, 20th Nov 2012
How very true. However, don't look too hard for the answers to your questions because you might miss them in all the confusion!

More fine work young lady!
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